Military Claymore Mine Offensive Operations


Offensive Operations

The M18A1 Claymore mine can be generally used by attacking forces to: protect the objective during reorganization, defend assembly areas and ambush enemies.

Offensive Combat

1. Before troops launch an attack on the enemy, they would assemble nearby. This makes the attacking troops vulnerable to an enemy ambush. Use Claymore mines as a perimeter defense at the assembly point where troop prepare for an attack operation.

2. Claymore mines can also be used to prevent the enemy from flanking the unit successfully. Once the objective has been overrun by the troops, enplace the Claymores around the perimeter to secure the area.

3. The M181A can also be used to defend supporting units such as the Artillery and Motar. The M181A must be positioned beforehand to capture the approaching enemy within its killing zone. They will be disarmed and re-enplaced when the supporting unit is displaced.


With minimal use of manpower, an ambush is possible with Claymore mines. Six mines is sufficient to cover a strip of 300 meters. These mines can be positioned along the path of the ambush killing zone or at the front and rear of the ambush killing zone. Both methods are effective at countering Immediate Action drills.

Additionally, Claymore mines should be employed where the enemy can take cover from firing, Attach the mine to trees and electronically control the detonation so as to catch the enemy forces within the killing zone.

Try Out These Offensive Tactics

You can try out these tactics with a simulation Claymore mine, which shoots out 200 BB pellets.

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