Military Claymore Mine Defense Tactics


Even though the Claymore mine is deployed mainly for defensive purposes, it can also be used for inĀ offensive military tactics. This guide, however, explores the defensive applications of employing a Claymore mine, which will enable to form strategies in military training or recreational war games. Take this as a refresher if you are in the military.

Defensive Operations

In defensive operations, the Claymore can be used for: minefields, assisting protective fire, security of outposts and defense of Command posts, security of halted vehicles, roadblocks and obstacles, and retrogade operations. These tactics can be practiced with an Airsoft Claymore mine in war simulation games.


In conjunction with other types of mines, the Claymore mine can be used to cover lane gaps left empty by conventional mines. Anticipate where the enemy forces will attack and use the Claymore’s killing zone to cover these gaps to complete the minefield. More than one Claymore can be used for optimal results.

However, be careful to avoid activating the other mines nearby. This can be achieved by elevating the Claymore (by tying them on trees for example). If enplacing multiple Claymores, keep themĀ  at least 5 meters apart.

Assisting in Protective Fire

During the final cover fire when the enemy approaches, the M18A1 can be used to supplement the gap of weapons in defensive positions. Detonate the mines closest to the enemy first.

Securing Outposts and Defending Command Posts

To protect outposts and Command posts, Claymore mines are to be employed around the perimeter of the post. The use of more mines in rows is optimal if time permits. And mines can be enplaced within the post itself for local security. In such a case, ensure that those mines are electronically controlled so that friendly forces do not accidentally trigger the mine.

Security of Halted Vehicles

When the military vehicle is halted, promptly emplace the Claymore mines around the perimeter of the vehicle. Use electric trigger for speed and safety.

Roadblocks and Obstacles

Razor barb wire When used with a roadblock (concertina wire or barb wire), the Claymore’s killing range has to reach the area where the enemy would approach. Because judgment as to when the detontation is needed, control the detonation. Alternatively, uncontrolled activation of the mine can be used against enemy force’s attempt to breach the obstacle.

Booby Traps and Retrograde Operation

Using the mine as a booby trap requires concealing the M18A1. Sight the area to be detonated and emplace the M181A Claymore away from the booby trap trigger.

As for retrograde missions, the Claymore is to be used to cover friendly personnel who are withdrawing from enemy forces. This is particularly useful whenever gaps are left by the main force or when the rear guard needs to delay the enemy’s advance.

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