Airsoft M18A1 Claymore Mine

BB Claymore Mine with Remote Control

Airsoft M18A1 Claymore Mine is a remote control claymore mine, which shoots 200 BB bullets in one shoot. One remote can control up to four BB claymore mines.

Use it for military trainings, recreational war games and Halloween pranks.

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Why get Airsoft M18A1 Claymore Mine?

For Military Personnel For Recreation Purposes
  • Conduct claymore mine practice with realism
  • Incorporate it in miltary training missions

Get for Training

  • Incoporate the claymore mine in war game strategies
  • Play a prank on unsuspecting friends

Get for War Games

BB Claymore Mine Video Demonstration


This is a demonstration of theĀ Airsoft M18A1 Claymore Mine (firing 200 BB shots).

BB Claymore Mine Features

BB Claymore Mine Foldaway Metal Legs

  • Shooting range: 20 metres (approximately 65 feet and 7 inches)
  • 200 shots of BB bullets in one shoot
  • Use of 6mm BB bullets
  • Suitable for repeated use
  • Foldaway metal stand included
  • Batteries and remote control included

Airsoft M18A1 Claymore Mine for Sale